Hydrocodone for Back Pain



Uses of Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone falls in the class of opioid pain relievers. Another name for this category is narcotics. Though it is a drug that is derived from the poppy plant, it is not considered natural but semisynthetic in nature. 

At present, Hydrocodone is available under various brand names in the USA. It is usually available as extended-release drugs that doctors prescribe  for severe pain to provide long-lasting  pain relief.  Hydrococone is prescribed for back pain in cases where patients have chronic pain. It is also given as an  alternative drug when other medications fail to address severe pain. 

Hydrocodone is also present in prescription drugs like  Vicodin and Lorcet, which are usually prescribed after a severe injury or surgery. 

Hydrocodone is only known for treating back pain, but also other severe pains. While it has helped a lot many patients cope with extreme chronic pain, it is advised that the medication be taken on the doctor’s advice and prescription. 

Make sure that you take only the recommended dose else there stays a risk of overdose. If you end up taking it more frequently or in more quality than prescribed by your doctor, or alter the intakel method, you might overdose. 

Also, if you are taking other central nervous system depressants, please let your doctor know in advance as it increases the likelihood of overdose or interaction among drugs. 

If you stop taking the drug suddenly, there may be withdrawal symptoms that you experience. Anxiety, increased sweating, loss of focus, nausea/vomiting, difficulty in breathing, stomach cramps, palpitations, etc., along with some long-term effects. 

Hydrocodone Use for Back Pain and Depression

Alcohol together with other CNS depressants could develop an additive CNS depression, when taken with Hydrocodone.

An individual taking hydrocodone and acetaminophen is most likely to experience lethal polydrug overdose. In case it does happen, a session using a regional poison regulate center is suggested.

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